Ever since the end of the 2014 World Cup, Netherlands has been falling apart

Netherlands sealed the 3rd place of the 2014 World Cup after claiming a convincing 3-0 triumph over Brazil as they played on July 12 back on 2014.

The Dutch team left the international tournament on a high note with a positive victory but things have not been going well for the national team ever since that competition reached it’s end.

GuusHiddink was appointed as the head coach of Netherlands on March 28of 2014 and upon signing his contract, he agreed to be in charge of the national side through the 2016 Euro’s but after a string of defeats Hiddink left his managerial position sooner than expected.

It was confirmed that Hiddink was actually fired from managing Netherlands after having lost against Czech Republic and Iceland. These games played an important role for the national team as they were qualification games for the upcoming 2016 Euro’s.

Danny Blind was selected to replace GuusHiddink and underwhelming results still continue emerging as Netherlands lost their Euro’s qualification matches over Iceland, Turkey and Czech Republic.All of these defeats took a huge toll on Netherlands as they weren’t able to qualify for the 2016 Euro’s which is a huge blow for the national side as the Dutch team was one of the better ones during the 2014 World Cup.

When playing against France in their friendly match, Danny Blind utilized a defensive formation as he set up his team with 5-3-2 but it couldn’t do much to stop France from scoring 3 goals and coming out on top with the victory.

This is proof of how much the defensive department of Netherlands has been struggling in recent times as they conceded 3 goals against France and 3 goals against Czech Republic as well.

The offensive section of Netherlands is not doing so well either with: Robin van Persie, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Wesley Sneijder and ArjenRobben all of them surpassing the 30 year old mark and the new generation of players still haven’t stepped it up at the big stage.

Luis Suarez set to return to National Team

Luis Suarez is set to make his return to the Uruguay national team after almost 2 years absence due to a ban.

The striker has missed 607 days of action for the national team after he was found guilty of biting Italy defender Georgia Chiellini during the World Cup 2014. He was given a four-month ban from all forms of football and an additional nine match ban from the national team. After this extended absence, he is set to feature for the national team in the World Cup qualifier against Brazil. The Barcelona player could not have dreamed about a better fixture for his return.

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez claims that the player can be very emotional since there must be a lot of things going on his head. Suarez will be coming up against his Barcelona teammate Neymar in a match that is expected to be packed with fans. The World Cup 2018 qualifiers in South American region has been strange with many of the favourites like Brazil and Uruguay struggling for dominance. Ecuador currently lead the table with 13 points but they are in danger of being overtaken by Uruguay should results go the way of Oscar Tabarez’ team in the latest round of matches.
Ecuador are up against Colombia and Paraguay in March.

“Suarez should be emotional; should have many things going on in his head after being away from the team,” said the national team coach of Uruguay, Oscar Tabarez, about the return of his star player. After the game against Brazil, Uruguay will be facing Peru in a game that should guarantee them three points. Brazil, meanwhile, continue to struggle after having taken only two wins from their four games so far. The nation is in grave danger of missing out on a place at the World Cup.

The doors for the Italian national team aren’t closed for Mario Balotelli

The coach of the Italian national side CesarePrandelli admitted in saying Mario Balotelli still has a chance to be called up and to perform for the Italian team in the international stage but that he has to earn it.

If Mario Balotelli wants to make a return to the Italian side, he has to prove to CesarePrandelli that he has changed and that he truly deserves to represent his country. The last time that .

Italy’s CesarePrandelli said: “The doors to the national team are not closed for anyone. But you have to deserve to be part of this team, via performances, behavior and moral aspects which we believe a lot in. It’s up to Balotelli to deserve an eventual return. “It’s up to Balotelli to deserve an eventual return,”

Throughout his career, Balotelli has built a reputation of being a player who gets angered easily and does not like to follow instructions. There have been occasions when Balotelli has received a red card or a sanction due to his behavior and this one of the things that he has been mostly critiqued but according to Ac.Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani, Balotelli has experienced a radical change since arriving to San Siro.

Adriano Galliani stated that Balotelli is now the man who is usually the last one to leave the training sessions as well as the first one to arrive and that Balotelli now has a completely different attitude compared to a few years ago.

If all of this is indeed true then it’s good news for Mario Balotelli and for Ac.Milan his career can finally kick off in full force and the Italian club will have at their disposal one of the players who has been most highly rated and praised since he arrived to the big stage and maybe he can start becoming the played that the media have always hyped him up to be.

Gordon Strachan termed the recent World Cup 2018 qualifying round as a great occasion

Scotland manager Gordon Strachan termed the recent World Cup 2018 qualifying round as a great occasion for the fans after his national team was drawn up against archrivals England.

Both teams share an intense rivalry, but they have not met each other in a competitive fixture in recent times. This has been partly down to the decline of Scottish football whereas England have been somewhat able to maintain their standards. In recent times, only friendly matches have been played between the two teams and even those were feisty encounters. England boss Roy Hodgson said that he was already looking forward to the game, which will be more than 12 months from now.

The first match between England and Scotland will take place at the new Wembley followed by the reverse fixture at Scotland a few months later. Both teams will be hoping to qualify for the World Cup without fail. Scotland have not done well in recent qualification campaigns, but the prospect of squaring up against one of the biggest rivals is likely to improve the team. It will take a lot of effort for teams to qualify from this group given that our teams like Slovakia and Slovenia have strengthened a lot of in recent years.

“There were a lot of delirious punters here when we were pulled out the hat with England and I can see why, because it really is a fantastic fixture that I think the whole of Scotland and England can look forward to.In saying that, as coaches, we are looking forward to pitting our wits against teams we have not played against for a long time.The good thing about it, from the supporters’ point of view, is that there are no ridiculous journeys. And I think they will visit places that they will enjoy,” said Strachan.

England should boycott the 2018 World Cup according to Andy Burnham

In order to use cheaper methods of preparing the 2018 World Cup, one of the ways that Russia is starting to consider is to use prison labor, the Russian government in other words are thinking about utilizing prisoners to start building some of the stadiums, buildings and everything else that still hasn’t been completed.

Andy Burnham is the favorite of who will be the leader of this prison labor and he believes that England should take a stand against the recent FIFA corruption which has been revealed in these past few weeks and days.

Burnham took the chance to express his thoughts about all of the latest things which have popped up as he said: “I’ve long had my doubts about Russia holding the next World Cup … Now with all of this, I believe there is a pretty overwhelming case for England taking a stand and saying we should not participate in the next World Cup given the current appalling state of FIFA.”

In spite of all the bribery scandals and charges that was launched at FIFA in relation to their bidding process of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup, Sepp Blatter still managed to be re-elected but a few days later he decided to step down and now Andy Burnham and a few other figures in the world of football believe that this is the ideal moment for England to make a stand and bid once again for the chance to host the next World Cup.

The chairman of the FA, Greg Dyke also believes that England deserves a better chance of hosting the 2018 World Cup. Due to all the corruption and bribery scandals that have emerged, it’s starting to be believed that Qatar bought their bid and it wasn’t a fair bidding process. Greg Dyke, Andy Burnham and a few others are hoping that FIFA will establish and re-do the procedure in order to completely discover the transparency system that was made.

Brazil loss was not seen on face of Jorge Sampaoli

Despite losing 0-1 to Brazil the other night, the feeling of disappointment was not there for Jorge Sampaoli, the Chile boss.

Sampaoli, in fact, praised his players to run a strong opposition so close.

According to Sampaoli, Brazil is a team which just knows how to win. In any sort of circumstances, they tend to find a way. So, in that regard, they are quite special and to get on top of them is a hell of a task. But, as far as his boys are concerned, they were not that far behind, but, because of the loss of focus, they fell short.

Speaking in the press conference, Sampaoli said, “We probably could not remain focused all the way through and when you play Brazil, you can’t afford the slip ups. They would convert even the half chances into goals. They are a champion team and they have got the idea how to get over the line.”

“Talking about us, we can be pretty proud and satisfied. We had a stronger opposition to contend with and I don’t think we did a bad job at all. Of course, I would have been happier sitting here with a win under the belt, but, I must not forget that my boys had the upper hand for most parts of the game.”

“If we had been slightly more focussed, it might have been a little different, the end result, but, no point talking about it now. But, considering the fact that we are trying to get well prepared for Copa America, I would say it was a good outing. We got tested.”

The Copa America is going to take place in Chile only later this year and being the host nations, they will have a great chance to clinch the title.

Stephen Keshi took charge of Burkina Faso

Stephen Keshi is one of the well-respected African coaches and he recently took charge of Burkina Faso after leaving the Nigeria role. He is known to be extremely successful with regard to World Cup qualification.

After all, he has been to the final stages of the tournament with both Togo and Nigeria in the past. Keshi says that he is very much looking forward to taking Burkina Faso in similar fashion to the World Cup 2018, which will be held in Russia. After a very poor Africa Cup of Nations, Burkina Faso decided to go for one of their own after bringing inKeshi.

He replaces the Belgian, Paul Put. His arrival comes at a crucial time for the African nation, which appears to have a lot of highly talented youngsters but without proper direction.Keshi is widely known for having led Nigeria to the Africa Cup of Nations success a few years ago. This was despite having a very young team. The appointment ofKeshi has raised expectations that Burkina Faso may be a potential challenger for the next edition of the Africa Cup of Nations. The former Nigeria international says that he had been contacted by a number of nations from Africa and around the world, but he chose to sign for Burkina Faso.

“My ambitions remain the same from one national team to another. I don’t want to have the job just to have the job but to bring a real plus.If I am chosen, by the grace of God, I first want to qualify Burkina Faso for the 2017 AFCON finals and why not for the next World Cup as I did with Togo.And then I want to do what it takes to go as far as possible in those competitions. Everything is possible,” said Keshi.

Spain experienced disappointing Campaign in World Cup 2014

It’s been over 7 months since Spain was eliminated from the 2014 World Cup as the Spanish squad experienced a disappointing campaign in the international tournament where they lost against Netherlands and Chile.

During the group stages, Spain sealed 3 points but it wasn’t enough for them to progress to the knockout stages.

It was a tournament to forget for Spain as the team is filled with world class players but they failed on making it count as Vicente del Bosque and his men were one of the first teams on being eliminated from the previous edition of the worldwide competition.

Even with this surprising elimination from the 2014 World Cup, Vicente del Bosque is feeling positive about the future of the Spanish squad.

“We had a necessary period of reflection after the World Cup and both we and the federation remain on the same page. We decided to carry on and I am feeling in good spirits and full of desire to fulfill my responsibilities. Our objective is clear: qualifying for the European Championship in 2016.” Del Bosque said on the national team’s website a few days ago.

When the 2014 World Cup reached its end, there were a number of coaches from different nations that decided to step down and resign from their managerial position due to the way that their squad was eliminated from the international competition and this is the case of Italy which was CesarePrandelli resigning and Brazil which had Luis Felipe Scolari in charge of the team but he left his position in the team after his team lost against Germany with a surprising scoreboard of 7-1.

However, even though Spain could never even manage to make it past the group stages, Vicente del Bosque decided to remain in charge as he has high hopes for his team.

Landon Donovan Retires From USA National Football

Leading American forward Landon Donovan has reportedly retired from the USA national football team with the Ecuador match. The game witnessed his last international match.

The striker played on for forty minutes during the USA V Ecuador friendly at East Hartford & his decision to retire was received with a massive standing ovation from the gallery.

The erstwhile Everton hero was substituted by Corona (Joe) in 41st minute of the match. It was Disterud who brought the lead for USA national football team in 55th minute but the West Ham star Valencia (Enner) snatched a good draw for the opponent squad right in the 88th-minute strike.

Post the substitution, Donovan said- “We have all dedicated tremendous hard work & we do deserve a great night such as this. So what comes next? Well, I would love to see & enjoy the whole world, I would love to hang around with family & relish matches such as this.

“I am kind of forcing myself for a getaway & relaxation but one would possibly find more of me soon. I do believe that the things will work out as they are meant to be. I did commit several mistakes yet I made all of them with positive intentions & I feel they have served me really well.”

Donovan retired as the record goal scorer of USA with his bunch of amazing 57 strikes & he had been a part of each of the USA game of 2002, 2006 & 2010 FIFA World campaigns.
However, it is said that was controversially looked through by Jurgen Klinsmann, the US national football team manager, while preparing the squad for this year’s Brazil World Cup. In fact, the very decision to exclude Donovan took the US football world by great shock.

Brazil managerial Future In Doubt

It’s been more than a month now since the Brazilians were absolutely devastated in their own backyard by the eventual World Champions Germany. It was an evening which every Brazil player as well as fan would like to forget as soon as possible.

A defeat in a big match is alright. It’s understandable that you failed to rise to the occasion even in the familiar conditions. It happens sometimes in sports. But, if you enter a match as the favourite team with about 60,000 Crowd by your side supporting you passionately, you are not expected to go down 1-7.

With their performance that evening, the Brazilians didn’t shock themselves and their fans only; they would have probably shocked the opposition as well.

The easiness with which the goals were coming for the Germans, it would have been hard for them to believe that they were actually playing in a World Cup semi final.

The match reflected the true condition of football in Brazil today. There was a time when no country in the world could have even imagined to get levelled with Brazil in terms of soccer skills, but, times have changed. Brazil has gone down, while, at the same time, the others have improved and that has taken the graph in the other direction. Now, it’s actually Brazil which needs to do the catching up work, not the other nations.

The association of Brazil has reacted after that debacle. They have got rid of the manager Luiz Felipe Scolari and rightly so. A fresh approach is needed to take the national team forward, but, if a mere change in manager is enough for the betterment of Brazilian football? That’s the question to be asked. Would a new manager come in with a stick of magic in his hands? Was Scolari alone responsible for the World Cup disaster?

The Brazilian association needs to find out the answers to these questions fast.