After the 3-1 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola declared Jurgen Klopp’s team as the best squad in the world.

In line with his ever-sneaky way of piling p pressure on oppositions in the name of praising them, Guardiola continued where he left off at the pre-game conference before the match.

As the end of the year is approaching, Liverpool is gearing up to play in the Club World Cup tournament to be held in Doha, Qatar which will also serve to showcase how World Cup 2022 might be.

Liverpool although ever weary of the kind of praise that precedes from the mouth of Guardiola will be more than happy to bring the Club World Cup home. It is after all a tournament that pits the champions of each continent against each other although Europe has had a much more upper hand at lifting the trophy.

For Klopp, the trophy remains the least of his concerns with the German citing how low in the list of priorities a triumph at Doha is.

In going 8 points clear off Manchester City in the league table, the additional fixtures of the Club World Cup look set to put a strain on the Reds’ and by extension their position in the English Premier League.

This brings to question on just how useful the tournament is in the first place. Other than being a cash cow for the organizers and broadcasters, the actual value it brings to the beautiful game at large is almost non-existent.

No thanks to the unnecessary show, Klopp is faced with the dilemma of preparing for his side to play two games within a 24-hour break. It is also supposed to happen on two continents: Europe and Asia