World Cup 2014 winners have work to do

World Cup 2014 winners Germany has some reconstruction work to do after their defeat at the Euros in France.

Indeed, Germany did not appear to be as strong as they were in the Brazilian World Cup and had some major changes to make if they want to win the next World Cup. Some pundits believe that Germany’s football has stalled during recent years and that there is not a lot of development taking place.

At the moment there are not a lot of young German footballers coming on the world stage, and there seems to be a problem with their development program. Unless Germany makes some changes to the way they develop new players, they may end up in trouble as other European nations.

Some pundits are comparing the situation to the Netherland where the Dutch team is lacking quality players at the moment. They fear that the World Cup winners are in a process of decline and that there is no replacement coming up. Once the generation of Ozil, Muller and Neuer is gone there will be no replacement.

Germany will have to make a thorough assessment of their development program and ensure that they are developing players that are consistent with modern football. The Dutch federation has done the same after failing to qualify for the Euros, and they asked assistance from world-renown coach to help them develop a proper strategy.

At the moment it seems that Germany should be able to recover in time for the Russian World Cup because their current team seems to be coming to maturity. They should be able to make a more than decent performance at the next World Cup, but they will need to worry about the subsequent tournaments as their current players will be past their prime by then.