Brazil Want Olympic Gold

Memories of the infamous World Cup 2014 semi-final between Brazil and Germany will be played out as the Brazilian’s take on Germany for the Olympic gold at the Rio 2016 Olympic tournament.

The 7-1 thrashing will forever remain as one of the worst results for the Brazilian national team, which is ironically regarded as the best in the world. Brazil have been hugely successful in terms of national trophies after having won a record five World Cup titles and several Copa America winner’s medal. However, the Olympic gold medal has been the biggest absentee from the trophy cabinet.

Brazil superstar Neymar set out at the Rio 2016 with the objective of achieving the ultimate glory of Olympic gold. The only opponent that stands in their way now is Germany. It is not surprising given that Germany are widely thought to have the best youth setup in the world now. Youth played a major role in making Germany as world champions with victory at the World Cup 2014. Most of this youth have been retained for the Olympic tournament while Brazil brought in Neymar as one of the overage players. The move has so far been highly successful for the home nation, but they have to get past the final hurdle.

Brazil coach Rogerio Micale says that all players are looking forward to beating Germany and get revenge. “We are going to deal with the pressure as we have done so far. We knew there would be a lot of pressure to win the gold medal as this would be an unprecedented achievement. We will work as we have done from the start and we will deliver results by striving to our absolute utmost. We will give our all – our football is not just about quality, but also perspiration which is why we can hope to make our big dream come true,” said Micale.