The FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke has said that he is extremely happy with the preparations by the Brazilian government for the 2014 World Cup. He has also spoken about the disappointment around the negativity surrounding the preparations.

Brazil recently marked only 500 days to go to the start of the tournament, but with lacklustre preparations by the government, there has been a lot of criticism. However, the general secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke has jumped into the defence by saying that he does not understand the reason for people concentrating only on the negative aspects.

He has said that Brazil is a country that adores football extremely, but is finding it extremely difficult to take the positives out of the preparations for this major tournament. He has said that he is extremely proud to be part of the organising committee that will aim to bring the best to the biggest football event in the world. He has also quoted an example of seeing the positives in life by comparing it to the attitude of a person who sees the glass as half empty rather than as half full. Valcke has said that people will miss the opportunity to be happy if they see the glass as half empty.

“It is really difficult for me to understand why with such a fantastic setting in a country that lives and breathes football, and where soon fans will be cheering the best teams in the world, still a few people keep on looking only for negatives, even if there are no negatives. Brazil is a fantastic country, in every sense. I am proud that I am part of organising together with the Brazilians the biggest event on the globe. As always in life you can see the glass of water half empty or half full. It is a question of attitude,” said Valcke.