Oliver Bierhoff has said that he is not sure whether Germany can win the FIFA World Cup 2014, which will be held in Brazil. Germany are searching for their first World Cup victory since 1990. They have come extremely close in recent times only to falter at the final stages.

While questioning the ability of Germany to win the World Cup, Bierhoff has also said that he doubts whether any European team can win this tournament. The South American World Cup’s have been traditionally dominated by the home countries. There will be a huge support for Brazil in this tournament, and Bierhoff he sees this as a great advantage for the South American countries.

Even if Brazil do not get to the latter stages of the competition, support is expected to extend further other South American nations still left in the competition. Brazil have been extremely poor in recent world cups, and they have not been doing well since the arrival of Scolari either. The FIFA World Cup 2014 will be the fifth time World Cup comes to South America. In all the four occasions, South American teams have emerged as the victorious ones.

South America last staged the World Cup back in 1978. Germany are expected to comfortably qualify for this tournament.

“For us, it is almost impossible to win the tournament. It is a really big mountain [to climb]. The South American sides are usually more advanced [in their own continent]. We are not planning where we will stay in Brazil because we do not know which group we will play in. But it would not be in the extreme north or south of Brazil,” said Bierhoff ahead of Germany’s match with Kazakhstan. Germany could have 1 foot in the World Cup if they managed a victory from this match.