Brazil managerial Future In Doubt

It’s been more than a month now since the Brazilians were absolutely devastated in their own backyard by the eventual World Champions Germany. It was an evening which every Brazil player as well as fan would like to forget as soon as possible.

A defeat in a big match is alright. It’s understandable that you failed to rise to the occasion even in the familiar conditions. It happens sometimes in sports. But, if you enter a match as the favourite team with about 60,000 Crowd by your side supporting you passionately, you are not expected to go down 1-7.

With their performance that evening, the Brazilians didn’t shock themselves and their fans only; they would have probably shocked the opposition as well.

The easiness with which the goals were coming for the Germans, it would have been hard for them to believe that they were actually playing in a World Cup semi final.

The match reflected the true condition of football in Brazil today. There was a time when no country in the world could have even imagined to get levelled with Brazil in terms of soccer skills, but, times have changed. Brazil has gone down, while, at the same time, the others have improved and that has taken the graph in the other direction. Now, it’s actually Brazil which needs to do the catching up work, not the other nations.

The association of Brazil has reacted after that debacle. They have got rid of the manager Luiz Felipe Scolari and rightly so. A fresh approach is needed to take the national team forward, but, if a mere change in manager is enough for the betterment of Brazilian football? That’s the question to be asked. Would a new manager come in with a stick of magic in his hands? Was Scolari alone responsible for the World Cup disaster?

The Brazilian association needs to find out the answers to these questions fast.