Switzerland Attempts Hard To Knock Out Argentina But In Vain

Four minutes into the game and Switzerland and Argentina both strive to score a goal. Switzerland tries their level best to stop Angel Di Maria in the 9th minute. The coach of Switzerland Benaglio grabs the ball with both his hands as Messi tries to hit the first shot.

In the next moment Switzerland hip checks Messi who gets a free kick in reward but both Switzerland and Argentina scampers. Mehmedi of Switzerland takes down a clumsy tackle by Angel Di Maria and in return gives a free kick to Argentina in return. But the Argentinians fail to deliver.
Shaquiri tries his level best to shoot but fails to get it across. Benaglio the Swiss goalkeeper again saves a goal by Angel Di Maria which leaves the ball very close. The coach of Switzerland appears as if he would rip off his air after Switzerland misses another shot.

At half time both the teams fail to score any goal. Switzerland’s possession was little less than the team of Argentina. The Swiss players throughout the match strive hard to stop Messi from scoring a goal. A herd of red bull trying to make strenuous efforts against the best player of Argentina proved successful but the Swiss gets a yellow card.

The match goes into the extra time but the deadlock did not seem to end. In the end it was Messi who passed it to Angel Di Maria and he scored a goal. The Swiss did not play rather they tried their level best to stop Argentinians or it was brilliance of the Swiss goalkeeper who plunged and grabbed the ball every time but only for the final goal which he could not stop leading to the exit of the Swiss players.