Vicente del Bosque’s Spain will learn from the 2014 World Cup

The head coach of the Spanish national football team Vicente del Bosque stated that his squad will and has learned from their failures that were evident during the 2014 edition of the World Cup.

Spain made a disastrous run in the 2014 World Cup after not being able to get past the group stages due to having lost against: Netherlands and Chile.

When the tournament reached it’s end, Vicente del Bosque later went on saying that his squad is not going to perform in such an underwhelming manner and that his task is to help Spain become the 1rst national side to win 3 successive European Championships.

‘’We go into the tournament with the maximum ambition and that is to defend the title that we achieved four years ago. It’s the same situation that we were in at Euro 2012 but with a bit more responsibility because we now have to defend two straight titles’’ This was the statement released by Vicente del Bosque before the 2012 Euro’s had kicked off.

The Spanish national side won the 2008 and 2012 edition of the Euro’s and Vicente del Bosque wanted to do the same with the 2016 Euro’s but failed to do so after getting eliminated in the Round of 16 when they faced off with Italy and lost 0-2.

It seems like Spain has started to crumble ever since the 2014 World Cup initiated and Vicente del Bosque along with his squad have struggled trying to replicate the performances that they have done a few years ago.

Vicente del Bosque hung up his managerial boots on June 14 of 2015 and JulenLopetegui replaced him, it’s now his task to start rebuilding the Spanish national side and help them become the dominating team that they once were some time ago and with the 2018 edition of the World Cup on the horizon, Lopetegui is hoping that Spain does not go through another disastrous World Cup.