The doors for the Italian national team aren’t closed for Mario Balotelli

The coach of the Italian national side CesarePrandelli admitted in saying Mario Balotelli still has a chance to be called up and to perform for the Italian team in the international stage but that he has to earn it.

If Mario Balotelli wants to make a return to the Italian side, he has to prove to CesarePrandelli that he has changed and that he truly deserves to represent his country. The last time that .

Italy’s CesarePrandelli said: “The doors to the national team are not closed for anyone. But you have to deserve to be part of this team, via performances, behavior and moral aspects which we believe a lot in. It’s up to Balotelli to deserve an eventual return. “It’s up to Balotelli to deserve an eventual return,”

Throughout his career, Balotelli has built a reputation of being a player who gets angered easily and does not like to follow instructions. There have been occasions when Balotelli has received a red card or a sanction due to his behavior and this one of the things that he has been mostly critiqued but according to Ac.Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani, Balotelli has experienced a radical change since arriving to San Siro.

Adriano Galliani stated that Balotelli is now the man who is usually the last one to leave the training sessions as well as the first one to arrive and that Balotelli now has a completely different attitude compared to a few years ago.

If all of this is indeed true then it’s good news for Mario Balotelli and for Ac.Milan his career can finally kick off in full force and the Italian club will have at their disposal one of the players who has been most highly rated and praised since he arrived to the big stage and maybe he can start becoming the played that the media have always hyped him up to be.