It is supposed to be the biggest festival of football on the planet, but Brazilian legend Pele fears that it might turn into a bit of a damp squib if the construction delays aren’t rectified over the next few weeks and months.

Brazil host the 2014 World Cup Finals, awarded to them after some spectacular plans for new stadiums, airports, hotels and roads were unveiled by the bid committee. Whilst the plan should work in principle, in practice many of the various projects are falling behind schedule, and some construction work might even be taking place whilst the Finals are taking place.

Speaking at the launch of his latest authorised biography, Pele said he thought that Brazil could definitley do a good job, but that there is a lot of work to be done.

“I am surprised by some of the delays in the 12 host cities, including construction for stadiums” said the former Brazilian striker. “But I am confident that Brazil will do what is necessary to finish on time. It has to happen.”

The tournament will take place in over two years time, so hopefully the FIFA development committee will manage to ensure that building remains on track, and a superb tournament is delivered.