There might be quite a disappointment for Manchester City as Kolo Toure will not be able to play for their next game as they will be starting their training session for Ivory Coast in lieu of the FIFA deadlines.

The Ivory Coast coach however was quite disappointed about the fact that the England club expected the Ivory Coast people not to have any idea about the dates and deadlines and felt insulted because it portrayed them being illiterate on such terms and conditions.

The FIFA deadline clearly states that the training session for each of the countries has already begun and hence all other priorities are temporarily terminated.

Manchester City however are desperate to get their hands on the Toure brothers to play the FA Cup tie this Sunday as this is a crucial game for them. Moreover, Kolo Toure is a key and pivotal player in the club who has managed to perform excellently and help the club in their league standing.

Losing such a vital player during such crucial times is something which Manchester City never expected.

Ivory Coast coach has already made appearances with the Manchester City boss, Roberto Mancini as well as the manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger in lieu of talking out the terms and conditions of the clubs having to let go of the players that have been signed in for the FIFA Cup.

Even Gervinho of Arsenal will need to be let go off for the same reason and this has created quite a disappointment and stir among the club members and officials. They have tried all possible ways of trying to get their players to play the key crucial matches, but the head of the Ivory coast is very strict on the rules it seems.