Curitiba has been chosen as one of the host cities for the upcoming World Cup 2014. The Arena da Baixada being built at this city is expected to be one of the finest stadiums in the country upon completion.

However, the delivery date of the stadium has been extended beyond schedule and this has angered FIFA general secretary Jérôme Valcke, who says that the organising committee may decide to remove Curitiba from the list of the host cities. This has brought out an immediate reaction from the local council, who have sanctioned an increased workforce towards finishing the stadium.

Valcke has given a four-week deadline in order to complete the stadium, which is still a long way off from being resembling like one. Local officials will now be giving FIFA daily reports about the construction pace. Valcke says that he will decide along with FIFA members on February 18 whether to continue with the stadium at Curitiba. Arena da Baixada has been scheduled to host four matches in the group stages including one involving current world champions Spain. Tickets have already been sold amounting to several million dollars when the likes of flight and hotel costs are taken into account.

Arena da Baixada is not the only one giving headaches for FIFA, as the Itaquerão stadium in São Paulo also faces the same situation.

“To be very honest, the situation as it stands is not ideal. The stadium is very delayed and well outside the delivery schedule to ensure best use by Fifa and the Fifa World Cup. All parties have to decide whether the stadium is in a position on that date to give us the confidence to hold World Cup matches there, without risking the organisation of the event,” said Valcke.

Even Brazil’s sports Ministry admitted that work was going well behind schedule.