The South American nation Brazil today named the list of cities that are likely to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup by acting as the base, with Luis Suarez on hand to help the PR stunt.

Brazil is a vast country and one of the main disadvantages of hosting the FIFA World Cup in a large country is the huge amount of travelling involved. Brazil are likely to find a solution for this problem by hosting the FIFA World Cup in certain select cities. In order to prepare the cities, they have named a list of 54 cities that are likely to be selected for this purpose. This list has been drawn in addition to the already named 12 cities.

The Brazil 2014 World Cup organisers have said that they do not intend to host the World Cup in the 12 cities only. Instead, the base for the World Cup will be set up in 54 cities across the country. This means that the World Cup is not going to be restricted only to the privileged few living in the cities. Instead, it is going to be available for all the population to enjoy. Most of the cities are not in the north-east region. In fact, only three select cities have been named from this region.

“The World Cup doesn’t just belong to the 12 host cities. With this, we are taking the World Cup to the rest of Brazil,” said the competition manager Nantes. It is expected that the competition amongst the hotels and other infrastructure are expected to peak during this period. A number of representatives from the likes of European countries and United States have already visited the nation in order to assess the hotels that have suitable to them. This 54 cities will all be having an approved hotel from FIFA and a full-size pitch.