Brazil loss was not seen on face of Jorge Sampaoli

Despite losing 0-1 to Brazil the other night, the feeling of disappointment was not there for Jorge Sampaoli, the Chile boss.

Sampaoli, in fact, praised his players to run a strong opposition so close.

According to Sampaoli, Brazil is a team which just knows how to win. In any sort of circumstances, they tend to find a way. So, in that regard, they are quite special and to get on top of them is a hell of a task. But, as far as his boys are concerned, they were not that far behind, but, because of the loss of focus, they fell short.

Speaking in the press conference, Sampaoli said, “We probably could not remain focused all the way through and when you play Brazil, you can’t afford the slip ups. They would convert even the half chances into goals. They are a champion team and they have got the idea how to get over the line.”

“Talking about us, we can be pretty proud and satisfied. We had a stronger opposition to contend with and I don’t think we did a bad job at all. Of course, I would have been happier sitting here with a win under the belt, but, I must not forget that my boys had the upper hand for most parts of the game.”

“If we had been slightly more focussed, it might have been a little different, the end result, but, no point talking about it now. But, considering the fact that we are trying to get well prepared for Copa America, I would say it was a good outing. We got tested.”

The Copa America is going to take place in Chile only later this year and being the host nations, they will have a great chance to clinch the title.